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Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention

We are an authorized dealer for RTP (Retail Theft Prevention). We are committed to offering our customers the very best in shoplifting prevention that is available. These systems not only deter theft and take the guesswork out of detecting shoplifters, but they also offer sales and branding opportunities to drive more customers to your store. That is shoplifting prevention with a very profound difference!

This is state-of-the-art theft prevention to protect your merchandise AND enhance your look and sales. Every component we distribute has a distinct marketing/sales promotion characteristic that will effectively aid you in developing more business. Our goal is to offer you more than loss prevention, our products give you profit potential!

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The Phantom

The Phantom provides up to 6 times greater detection range without having any footprint. This leaves the most valuable floor space in your store open for display and sales promotional opportunities. This virtually invisible EAS system consists of a double-layered sheet of security film that is attached directly to your existing glass door. Gone are the overly obvious and ugly pillar systems. Upon installation, the Phantom is ready to perform the minute you plug it in.

  • The Phantom is the World's only "frontal, 3D, RF" shoplifting detection system. 
  • Up to 6 times greater detection range. 
  • Inescapable detection of "armed" tags leaving the store
  • Retains your consumer friendly atmosphere 
  • Provides an unobstructed view of store's entrance and exit. * Set operating frequency from 1.81 to 8.2 MHz. 
  • Relay output to external alarm or other applications such as CCTV camera.
  • Leaves floor space open for display

The Sentinel

In addition to providing superior protection of your inventory, the Sentinel is a dynamic in-store billboard that compliments the esthetics of your store pro-actively promoting your brands, periodic sales, and attracting customers.

The perfect solution for your security needs. Providing you with 3 times the coverage of a current bent pipe pillar system. The Sentinel doubles as a high-impact marketing medium. Installation? Simply put in place and plug it in.

  • State-of-the-art digital radio frequency technology 
  • Self-adjusting antennas for superior range and minimum false alarms. 
  • Up to 12 antennas installed simultaneously without additional components.
  • Set operating frequency from 1.81 to 8.2 MHz. 
  • Relay output for external alarm or other applications such as CCTV camera.
  • Quick and easy do-it-yourself installation - Setup to activation in 20 minutes or less.

Turning your security system into a sales tool

  • Displays posters 17" x 54-3/4" (42cm x 139cm)
  • A promotional billboard displaying high impact messages to generate extra sales 
  • Ideal for advertising particular products 
  • Promotes products unique to your store 
  • Support for private label branding

The Mouse

Putting more pep into displays! Give you customers that "touchy feely" experience of actually handling a product without the risk of it walking out the door.

The Mouse provides:

  • Instant audible alarm 
  • Easy detection of what merchandise is missing 
  • End aisle or island displays are easily secured. 
  • Displays are kept uncluttered from entangled wires tethered to a post or bar. 
  • Flexibility to bundle compatible products anywhere in the store


There isn't anything that can't be protected with RF tags -- including metal, 

  • Clothing - casual wear, business wear, accessories.
  • Hardware - hand tools, power tools, tool cases
  • Sporting Goods - baseball bats, golf clubs, skateboards
  • Video/Audio - movies, music, games
  • AND the list goes on ...

Tags are compatible with Checkpoint!

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