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POS Systems

POS Systems

We are proud to offer the only fully integrated POS solution available to the specialty retail market. By fully integrated we do not mean that here at Keystone we are assembling an assortment of hardware and software and packaging it together and calling it turn key.

As a premier level partner with the worldwide leader in POS, NCR, we sell a total solution based upon CounterPoint Software and the hardware bundles by NCR that are manufactured to the exact requirements to accommodate the software.

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Not only is our solution fully integrated from the hardware and software standpoint, but even many of functions that are often “3rd party” or “bolt on” pieces by our competition are in fact built into our solution. For example for credit card processing is available from NCR Merchant Services, the PCI compliant internet gateway required for high speed connection and secure credit card traffic is owned and maintained by NCR, gift card and frequent shopper programs are built into the product requiring no third party maintenance or fees, and NRO is our fully integrated Web Store offering.

And our solution is fully scalable to fit virtually any size retailer. So if you are a single store with only a single POS station or a multi-store chain with several POS stations each, we can tailor our solution to meet your specific needs.

The key advantages of the fully integrated
system approach that we offer:

  1. No finger pointing between the hardware and software companies. It’s the same company.
  2. We can offer a long-term solution with confidence that the hardware is not going to obsolete the software and vise versa. No one else can say that and back it up.
  3. You have one number to call regardless of the issue.
  4. No hidden third party fees for gift card processing or frequent shopper plans.
  5. Availability of an online store that is seamlessly tied to the in store CounterPoint product affording only one database to manage.

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