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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Keystone is pleased offer the services of Radiant Payment Systems for all your credit/debit card processing needs.

Accepting credit/debit cards is a necessity in today’s retail market, but it doesn’t need to be painful to operate or understand. Now you can trust it to the same company that is providing your retail business system.

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You don’t need to waste time with every credit card processing salesman that comes to your store.

With today’s security issues it is more important than ever to trust who you are dealing with. If your business ever compromises even one of your customers credit cards, and you are found to not be in PCI compliance, you are subject to very stiff fines, not to mention bad publicity for your business. Not only is CounterPoint fully PCI compliant, so is Radiant Payment Systems, and that is not a one time compliance. It is an ongoing effort to make sure you are fully protected by those you do business with.

Yes, we still allow you to use the merchant service provider of your choice, but why would you use anyone other than Radiant Payment Systems? They are fully compatible with CounterPoint, fully PCI compliant, fully integrated into our other systems and probably more economical than your current provider.

If there is a problem, you do not have different service providers blaming each other - it is the same provider...system wide.

Radiant Payment Systems can be your processor even if you don’t have the Radiant POS system. So why not go ahead and get that peace of mind and very likely start saving money right away.

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