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Installation Services

Installation Services

A key part of our success over the years and through literally hundreds of installations is the “intelligent” delivery of products and services. Anyone can un-box a computer and load a piece of software. But our methods and processes have been tested and fine tuned over years to get the customer up and running as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

While everyone wants it yesterday, a successful installation should not be judged only by how quickly we went live. Rather a successful implementation should be one that caused the least amount of inconvenience on our customer’s customers, one in which the employees felt properly trained, and one in which the goals and expectations were met.

Unfortunately, across the entire POS world, most implementations fail to meet the
expectations of the customer. This is regrettable and quite avoidable. We believe, and our customers will attest to the fact, that we have the experience and commitment it takes to not only meet but exceed our customer’s expectations in this area.

Some key elements of our installation services:

  • Always on-site. Face to face in your store.
  • Data base building. We use common tools such as Excel to assist and speed up the process of building your data base. Often times we are able to furnish you with a starter database.
  • Planning. A plan is developed jointly by Keystone and the customer. Then the plan is followed and measured against.
  • Stick to the knitting. We let the experts do what they do. We do not run cable or electrical improvements, we leave that to people who do that for a living.
  • Scheduling. We work around your customer. We’ll not be taking up your floor space unpacking boxes during rush hour.